Szechuan Sauce


Roiland Tweet







Last year, Adult Swim show “Rick and Morty” made a less-than subtle reference to a long forgotten McNugget sauce during a surprise comeback on April Fools Day. Like many shows with a cult following, the reference very quickly spiraled into such a large cultural moment that McDonald’s simply couldn’t ignore responding to. How does one bring back a dipping sauce that had been discontinued in 1998? The most logical way, by traveling through the multiverse to a place where it's always 1998 (DIMENSION C-1998M). In addition to the giant vat of sauce, we gave show creator Justin Roiland a slew of other small items relating to the show all in a sciency-looking box. Overall, Justin, his staff, and the always hard to please Reddit where all pumped about the return of the elusive Szechuan Sauce.

In weeks following; a sweepstakes gave away three other sauce jugs, Deadmau5 bought one off a winner for $15,000 for some reason, and the bottle was drawn into the intro of an episode of The Simpsons.