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How do I celebrate #NationalTacoDay? With a couple of hard shells... and maybe some tacos.

The National Peanut Board struggled with relevance on social media. We were tasked with creating a social media presence on Twitter that fostered a conversation younger audiences wanted to be part of. We accomplished this by creating the Peanut Vendor, a brand persona whose voice is simple, honest and a little salty. The Peanut Vendor speaks on behalf of the National Peanut Board on topical, influential, and conversational subjects. My role on this project was primarily art director, and I also concepted ideas for tweets as well as writing some of the copy.

Breadman Baking Co.Identity

McDonald’sArt Direction

Movers & ShakersIdentity


Icons at the DinerPictograms

The VendorSocial

National Peanut BoardIdentity

Libbey, Inc.Interface

Slimes RomanType Design


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