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How do I celebrate #NationalTacoDay? With a couple of hard shells... and maybe some tacos.

The National Peanut Board struggled with relevance on social media. We were tasked with creating a social media presence on Twitter that fostered a conversation younger audiences wanted to be part of. We accomplished this by creating the Peanut Vendor, a brand persona whose voice is simple, honest and a little salty. The Peanut Vendor speaks on behalf of the National Peanut Board on topical, influential, and conversational subjects. My role on this project was primarily art director, and I also concepted ideas for tweets as well as writing some of the copy.

Peanut Vendor

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In order to parallel the brand refresh of The Libbey Glass Co. a product microsite was necessary to establish a brand presence that is strong digitally, shareable on social, and routes to online retail. That’s where the Table of Cocktails came to fruition. The website approaches the idea of cocktail recipes under the familiar lens of the periodic table of elements in a unique, expressive way while showcasing the variety of Libbey glassware available.

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Table of Cocktails

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Howdy, I’m Tom. I spend my weekdays as a Designer and pretend copywriter at Golin. My favorite parts of my day to day are when I’m figuring out the best ways to build brands and solidify their identities across multiple mediums.

I am a fervent explorer of work outside of work, and my curiosity fuels my passion for engaging in the unique opportunities that come with being a creative.

Feel free to chat me up about anything, especially if it’s a pretentious typeface discussion, how to make a proper breakfast burrito, or why Empire Strikes Back is the best one.